There are three primary functions that cosmetic dentistry in Markham ON serves. These three key components of cosmetic dentistry can solve most of your dental issues. Of course, to get the best results you will want to ensure that you choose the cosmetic dentist that has experience, offers the latest cutting-edge technology and has the skill set to give you great results.

The Three Major Problems
The three most common problems that people face with their smile are:
* Shape/position
* Missing teeth/damaged teeth
* Color/shade

Shape and position of teeth are one of the most common complaints of people seeking cosmetic dentistry solutions. There are several options that can help you to change the shape and position of your teeth that a good cosmetic dentist can provide. Aligners, caps and other options may be available to help you get the look that you will love.

Missing Teeth or Damaged Teeth
Tooth trauma, tooth disease and other problems can leave you with missing teeth. Missing teeth of course, will affect your smile and more importantly will affect the position of your teeth and their good health. A good cosmetic dentist can address missing, cracked teeth and not only improve your look but improve the health of your teeth. Bridges, caps, dentures all resolve the problem.

Many people are unhappy with the color of their teeth or feel that they can go a few shades brighter. Cosmetic dentistry in Markham On can help you brighten your smile and help you keep it that way.

All You Need
To get the benefits of all that cosmetic dentistry must offer, all you need is a trusted cosmetic dentist that uses trusted products. DLA (Dental Laboratory Associates) is the go to source for dentists and patients that want best in service and best in products.

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