A car’s windshield protects the interior from rain, wind, and temperature changes. While most drivers don’t pay much attention to this important piece of glass, a sudden crack or chip can make them take notice. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons for windshield damage.


When most people envision a windshield breaking during an auto accident, they imagine exploding glass. While shattering is possible, especially during a head-on collision, small cracks may form after a minor accident. A broken windshield can indicate a bent frame, but most windshield breakage comes from impact.

Temperature Fluctuations

Glass expands and contracts as the temperature changes. While auto glass is designed to stand up to the strain, wide temperature shifts over a long period can cause cracks to form. Such defects often occur after years of living in a cold or hot climate, and they often make Glass Replacement in Silver Spring MD necessary.

Improper Installation

Poor installation can result in an improper fit. If the windshield is excessively loose, normal usage can cause vibrations that may crack the glass. If there’s visible or audible vibration after a windshield installation, return to the shop for an adjustment.

Poor-Quality Glass

Cheap glass is more likely to have defects than quality glass. While such defects aren’t always readily apparent, a small weak area can gradually turn into a large crack. When investing in Glass Replacement in Silver Spring MD, work with a company that uses reliable, durable glass from well-known brands. Though this glass may be more expensive, it’s less likely to fail in the future.

Pressure Changes

Auto glass is some of the strongest available; it has to be durable to stand up to the rigors of daily driving. However, the auto glass may be fractured in some situations, such as extreme or rapid pressure changes. These can occur during high-speed driving or when an object presses or falls on the windshield.

As drivers work to protect their windshields, they should keep these causes in mind. When a piece of auto glass develops cracks or chips, it’s important to schedule repair or replacement as soon as possible. Call Beltway Auto & Plate Glass for fast, high-quality service.

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