If your kitchen has you down and out with its prehistoric window décor, simply perk it up with an easy, attractive treatment makeover. Smaller kitchen spaces require cooler, brighter color combinations. Whereas, earthy, terra cotta colors enhance larger kitchens, giving them an altogether more inviting feel. Use these helpful hints to modernize your kitchen windows:


Remove all heavy curtains that overburden windows. Adding window shades instead is now the popular trend in fashion. However, if you do prefer that added look of fabric, try adding a bold flap valance or brightly upholstered cornice.


Natural, earthy toned shades often compliment full-light window boxes. Choose something sheer and breezy in fresh Sky Blue or Linen White to open up any room. The Roger Thomas Collection offers both high quality and stylish elegance, perfect for accentuating any window treatment.


Contemporize any window fabric, as outdated versions will tend to weigh down a window. Take the opportunity of a treatment makeover to set a new tone. You can also mix and match different prints and fabrics for a more classically inspired design.


It’s surprising how Roman shades have become the latest treatment fad. Shades made from natural eco-conscious fibers, bamboo or rattan add keen visual texture. Yet, they still glide up just as smoothly as their original models were known for.


Too much direct light is often an issue with kitchen windows. Simple woven shades, or wooden blinds, work wonderfully at keeping all that extra heat out. These are excellent options when the main goal is to create a filtering aspect, without the added thick-textured fabrics.

Contemporary window coverings have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Instead, a wonderful myriad of treatment solutions can help remedy any kitchen issue. Do consider removing weighed, tapestry-like materials, as it can really burden a window. Instead, opt for crisp, airy linens for more light, or the natural simplicity of wood shades for controlling strong daytime brightness. Visit Maya Romanoff at http://www.mayaromanoff.com for more details.

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