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Steps to Creating a Safer Security Deposit Agreement

As you navigate life as a landlord, you’ll find some aspects of your job are met with some resistance by your tenants. One of those aspects is the ever common security deposit. While it’s an important part of the move in process, many tenants view it to

Low and High Slope Roofs

When you look at a roof, it’s easy to just see the shingles and think that’s the whole. In reality, building a roof is a long, multistep process, and requires an expert hand to do right. Building a roof that will keep you and your loved ones

Enjoy Cool Comfort With Superior HVAC Repair

Has your air conditioner run well this summer? If it hasn’t, you may be in need of HVAC repair services. Hundreds of Jacksonville citizens find themselves with malfunctioning air conditioners, leaving them vulnerable to the heat and living uncomfortably. The good news is you don’t have to

Crowdfunding Concept Levels the Playing Field for Oil and Gas Investments

Bill and Emma owned their own home and had two children. They had some money in savings, but Bill was thinking about investing in the stock market so he could have the money for the kid’s education and an emergency fund. However, Emma wasn’t happy with his

Reasons To Consider Security Screen Doors

If you’re like many homeowners, you worry about your safety and that of your possessions. You’ve worked hard to get the items you want and don’t need a burglar coming in and taking it. You also don’t want to worry when you’re at home because you need

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