Some people may wonder whether catalogs are still important in this age of digital advertising. In reality, although most people in the US have access to the Internet, and over 90% have used this for shopping at one point or another, there are still many people who would label themselves as technophobes. Businesses often over-estimate the computer literacy of their target market. This happens on websites or on social media where people are sometimes confused by the layout or requirements to navigate a site. Research shows that 38% of consumers are unable to carry out basic computer tasks, which means that there is still a large market that would far prefer to have a trusty catalog in their hands.

The advantages of a catalog

For a start, a catalog is still something easy to hold onto and to take away with you. For those that don’t have computer tablets, or who find their phones annoying small when they want to look at detail, a glossy catalog is a great bonus. Many businesses hand out their cards to customers, but these often get mislaid as they’re so small. There’s something about an up-market catalog that makes it more difficult to simply throw away. In fact, research shows that most catalogs are not only read but are passed on to family and friends for them to read it as well.

Getting proper catalog design

As with any other form of advertising, just putting out a catalog is not the end of the story. A catalog is literally your company’s brand in the hands of a consumer, so you want to make certain that it’s effective, and gives the right information. For a start, knowing who your targeted customer is forms an essential starting point. This will not only help you with the design and the copy but will also guide you if you want to do a mailing or a letterbox drop.

Knowing where your potential customers live and what will appeal to them is a critical first step. Once you know this, you’ll be able to match the style of your catalog to your audience. For example, if you’re a business that is marketing to another business, the look of the catalog will probably be different from a catalog that is appealing to a consumer. Visit MARION Integrated Marketing at

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