A sinus infection is a very common health complication. It involves the inflammation and swelling of your sinuses. For many people, sinus infection, or sinusitis normally occurs immediately after a cold. The sinuses then become blocked with lots of fluid. This encourages the growth of bacteria which cause the infection. Here are a few of the common symptoms of sinusitis and tips on how to Treat a Sinus Infection In Allentown PA.

The common symptoms of a sinus infection

You will know that you are suffering from a sinus infection if:

  • You have a thick, yellow and bad smelling nasal discharge.
  • You feel pressure or pain in the area around the eyes, and the whole face.
  • You have a headache that will not go away.
  • You have nasal obstruction and are suffering from congestion.
  • You have a fever or cough.

Of course, these can be symptoms of another ailment such as the flu. Therefore, you will need to visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Causes of a sinus infection

A sinus infection occurs when any type of condition blocks the drainage channels of the sinuses. Some of these conditions include a common cold, hay fever and the presence of small growths in the lining of the nose. A sinus infection can also occur as a result of a shift in the nasal cavities. Sinus infections are really irritating and can last for several weeks if not treated well.


A physical examination will be needed to diagnose sinusitis. In certain cases, the tests might even include a CT scan or an X-ray. In case the symptoms of sinus infection do not go away after 10 days, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Also, the doctor may recommend the use of decongestants to help decrease the amount of swelling in the nose. If the problem becomes persistent and chronic, surgery will be done in order to re-establish a drainage system in the nose.

Those are important things to know about how to a Treat a Sinus Infection In Allentown PA. To get more info on how sinuses are treated, go to Allen-ent.com.

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