Arizona auto accident cases require the victim to follow specific guidelines such as submitting evidence to show that they were injured during the accident. They also require them to submit their claim before a specific date. In Arizona, there is a three-year statute of limitations for these claims. Automobile accident lawyers in Tucson prepare victims for these claims.

Proving the Accountability of the Accused

Accountability is proven through documented records associated with the accident. The accident report filed by the law enforcement officers is the primary piece of evidence to prove accountability. The victim may need the officers to testify and support their findings. They may also need witnesses to the accident to provide more support for their claims.

A Realistic Assessment of the Victim’s Injuries

More complex injuries are viable for auto accident claims. This doesn’t mean that less extreme injuries cannot present the victim with the chance at winning. It just indicates that they are more likely to help the victim achieve greater settlements. The reason for this is that they will continue to affect the victim throughout their lives. These injuries include loss of limb, disfigurement, or permanent disabilities.

The Complete Account of the Accident and Report Assessment

The attorney approaches the case by assessing it as a whole. They perform depositions for the witnesses to identify the strength of the case. They also determine if the victim has acquired funds via other outlets such as a claim filed with the accountable driver’s insurance carrier. The attorney explores all avenues that could present a major issue for the victim.

They review the medical evidence to ensure that a connection between the accident and the injuries is established properly. The victim may need a medical witness to explain how the event leads to the injuries. This connection could help increase the credibility of the case.

Arizona auto accident victims need credible cases to acquire monetary awards. To be properly presented in court, these cases require specific evidence, like extensive medical records that depict the victim’s injuries and how they will affect their lives. Victims that need help with these requirements should contact automobile accident lawyers in Tucson or visit for additional details about these cases today.

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