Along with standard dental procedures such as doing cleanings, filling cavities, or performing extractions, there are many procedures dentists offer that protect your teeth. Not only can some of their services protect teeth from damage, but they can help treat other conditions and prevent injuries such as concussions. Dentists can also educate their patients to properly care for their teeth.

Treat Sleep Apnea

One of the dental services in Kalamazoo, MI that a dental clinic may offer is customizing dental devices for patients with sleep apnea. Some devices, such as a mandibular advancement device (or MAD), help to keep the collapsible part of the airway open to allow oxygen to flow into a patient’s system via a CPAP machine. The device moves the jaw, or mandible, forward to help open the airway and keep it open.

Prevent Concussions

Many dentists can customize a mouth guard to not only protect teeth but to keep people who engage in contact sports from getting concussions. A good mouth guard absorbs shock, limits movement of the jaw, and helps to stabilize the head and neck to reduce concussions when hit. If you or your child play contact sports such as football, basketball, or rugby, make an appointment with a clinic offering dental services such as customized mouth guards. View website for the best dental services in Kalamazoo, MI.

Educate Patients

Dentists can help patients learn to properly care for their teeth by showing them what type of toothbrushes to use and teaching them how to floss. They can also educate them about using fluoride products to prevent cavities. To have your teeth examined and get information about caring for them, make an appointment with Stephanie M Busch – Abbate DDS PLC.

There are a variety of dental services that can help keep teeth healthy and functioning properly. They can also help prevent more complicated medical issues and treat medical conditions tied to oral health.

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