The purpose of a tachometer is to gauge the automobile’s RPMs. While many people do not have a tachometer in their newer cars, they are still a valuable tool to monitor how hard the engine is working; They are also quite easy to install. Here is a breakdown on how to do this.

Get Everything Ready

The only special tools one will really need are the tachometer itself and a set of splicing connectors. The tachometer can either be purchased new or salvaged from a junkyard. The splice connectors are inexpensive and can be purchased at any auto parts store. The wire sizes are usually 16-18 gauge, so make sure the splicers match the size of the wires.

Adjust For Cylinder Size

The tachometer will need to be set for the cylinder size of the automobile’s engine. This can be done by removing the back cap of the tachometer. There will be switches to adjust it to correspond with cylinder size.


There will be wires that will need to be located coming from the distributor. It is very important that the correct wire be used to hook to the tachometer. If this part of the job makes one uneasy, it is best to use the services of a professional shop that specializes in Auto Gauge Repairs in Arizona.


Since tachometers are not widely used instruments, many cars will obviously have no place for them in the dash. However, fans of tachometers generally say that mounting them on the steering column is the best spot for them. Simply drill holes into the steering column and use the mounting bracket that would have come with the new tachometer. If the tachometer is a salvage piece, a common U-bracket will suffice.

Power It Up

After the tachometer is installed into the bracket, connect the power wire of the tachometer to the 12-volt lighting supply in the dashboard. Where the wires pass through the firewall, it is best to install a rubber grommet to prevent the wires from rubbing against bare metal. This can cause shorts or even fires and would require extensive Auto Gauge Repairs in Arizona.

While this is considered a fairly simple gauge installation job, it may not be for everyone. If that is the case, try a reputable shop to perform the installation. A business such asĀ  can get the job done quickly.

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