Testing for mold is important whether a person is purchasing a new home or ensuring their current residence is safe for their family. If a property owner suspects they may have a mold problem, it behooves them to call the professionals for Mold Detection Service in Ashburn VA. These services help a homeowner to discover hidden mold that may be lurking in their home so it can be properly treated.

What Is Involved in Mold Testing?

When a property owner suspects they have a mold problem, they need to know where it is lurking and what type is present. The Mold Detection Service in Ashburn VA offers extensive testing for property owners so the right remediation services can be employed.

Mold testing is fairly straightforward in the sense of collecting specimens. The team comes into the property and takes samples from surfaces using scraping techniques that are meant to dislodge the mold spores so they can be sent to a lab for testing.

Unfortunately, some types of mold become airborne and can be difficult to detect. This is why air samples must be taken to see what types of mold are growing inside a property. With testing both types of samples, even hidden mold can be detected.

When the sample is taken to the testing lab, the mold spores are dyed with a dye that can be absorbed by them. The sample is then placed under a high-powered microscope so the spores can be properly identified.

How Can Mold Be Removed?

Once the tests come back and it has been determined mold is present in the home, immediate remediation is needed. Mold remediation involves the careful cleaning and humidity reduction of the home so mold is not only removed but is also discouraged from growing in the future.

If you are a property owner who has noticed signs of mold, it is important you seek testing services. It is also important a buyer seek testing before they make a purchase of any property. With mold testing, the type of mold can be revealed so proper methods can be used to remove it.

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