Insulated Glass in Santa Clarita CA is a good thing to have in your home to regulate the ubiquitous solar radiation in a desert climate such. Window glass can be insulated in several different ways. Glass can be tinted, coated in a low-emissivity coating or coated in a spectrally selective coating, which filters out varying amounts of solar radiation while still allowing the full amount of light to shine through. Windows can also have a combination of these coatings to increase insulation levels. Also, windows can have more than one pane of glass with one or more of the panes coated in one of these insulating glazes. Insulated glass can fulfill many purposes whether it’s to help a passive solar home, harness natural light while filtering out radiation and many other purposes.

Windows with two or more panes can also have a gas between them which helps diminish convection levels better than ordinary air between them could. These windows sometimes appear to have a varying thickness when viewed from far away. Used in conjunction with glazing or tinting, gas increases energy efficiency. These viscous slow-moving gases are pumped between the windows when they’re made and are usually krypton or argon. Gas-filled windows can also be aesthetically pleasing as they help give the glass in the window an appearance of more depth.

Insulated glass is becoming increasingly popular for storefronts and garage doors. Using panels of glass will give a chic look and allows more use of natural light, yet the glass has insulating properties on it such as glazes or tints which help with climate control inside. Insulated glass in Santa Clarita CA helps make it possible to retrofit a home to make it a passive solar home. Insulated glass can be used in many other settings such as in sunrooms, gazebos, skylights, pool enclosures, laboratories and in a multitude of business structures to increase employee and customer comfort. Insulated glass can help plants grow while reducing ionization, so it works well in greenhouses.

Insulated glass in Santa Clarita CA is in demand and is used on most new constructions. Contact Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company to see all of the options available for your needs and preferences.

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