In New Jersey, dental patients should explore all possible options for addressing alignment issues. These options could include a variety of braces of different styles. For some patients, this could include access to Invisalign in Newark NJ today.

What Patients are the Right Candidates for Invisalign?

Patients with simple to moderate alignment issues may use Invisalign. They aren’t the right product for patients with severe overcrowding or alignment problems. Patients with serious alignment issues will need metal or ceramic braces to address these complex conditions.

What are the Major Benefits of Invisalign?

The major benefits include limited visibility of the braces. They are created from acrylic materials. This allows the patient’s teeth to be seen clearly through the braces. The braces aren’t as noticeable as other options. They are also removable and allow the patient to take them out of their mouth to brush their teeth and eat. This allows them to eat any foods they prefer without issues.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The patient receives a new set of braces based on their progress through the program. As the teeth reach a different level of alignment, a new set is created. This could occur as soon as two weeks after the initial set is provided. However, progress is based on how effectively the teeth are pushed into proper alignment. The braces apply force against the teeth and push them into their proper place.

What Expectations Should Patients Have?

If their braces become damaged for any reason, the dentist provides a new set. They won’t have an extended wait for a new set. They can clean the braces as often as they prefer without causing problems. This helps keep them fresh and allows the patient to avoid unwanted odors. Additionally, they won’t present the same hindrances as metal or ceramic braces.

In New Jersey, patients with mild to moderate alignment problems could acquire Invisalign braces. These braces are removable and won’t require cement-based adhesives to install. They aren’t as visible as other types of braces. Patients who want to acquire Invisalign in Newark NJ should contact ChildSmiles.FamilySmiles or Visit the website to schedule an appointment today.

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