Gum disease is a serious health concern, being that it can lead to infections that attack the health of other body systems. In the most advanced stages, root planing, scaling, and antibiotics might be done to no avail. Dental patients in this position can resort to Flap Surgery in Winchester. It’s an advanced and thorough method for cleaning the tooth roots and restoring strength in the bone structure near the roots. A periodontist is qualified to do the procedure. Local anesthetic prevents any discomfort. The periodontist pulls away a part of the gums to gain access to the roots and bone. The tooth roots and bone are repaired with the gums sewn back over when finished. Flap Surgery in Winchester corrects certain problems associated with periodontal disease. Bone is smoothed over and the shape is readjusted to limit the areas plaque can grow. If there is bone loss, grafting takes bone from another place on the body to be put in the jawline near tooth roots.

Health awareness for gum disease is how it can be prevented. Lack of oral hygiene is not the only way it happens. It can sneak up on someone when areas are unknowingly missed while brushing. Everyone’s dental makeup is unique. One person may have more hard to reach areas than another. All the motions may be done for good oral hygiene, but a problem still develops by limited access to certain areas. Those who don’t skip out on routine exams will have the advantage of early detection.

The telltale signs of gum disease is bleeding while brushing that occurs consistently. The gum line may start receding. Inflammation of the gums and redness are other signs of a problem. The beginning stages of gum disease can come with no symptoms. Gingivitis may be one of the first signs with timely treatment being of great importance. Infection can get into the depths of the gums and cause soft tissue that supports tooth roots to deteriorate. Gums that begin to recede make larger spaces for bacteria to get under. Contact Thomas Family Dentistry, PC to begin an oral care plan.

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