Living in Tucson, Texas can be very hard on the skin. Tucson experiences dry hot weather that can make the skin dry and flaky. What’s more, too much exposure to the sun can cause age spots, wrinkles and overall an aged look. Many people get frustrated with how their skin looks, but this doesn’t mean that they want to go under the knife to look better. If you want to have improved skin, but you don’t want surgery to do it, then you want to look for a skin care clinic that uses a MicroPen in Tucson for their treatments.

A MicroPen is a DermaPen with extra fine needles to provide more dramatic results to your treatment. How the DermaPen works is actually quite simple as it uses the body’s own reaction to injury to create younger looking skin. This pen is used on the area of your skin that is causing you trouble; this could wrinkles, scarring, a birthmark and more. The pen is placed over the trouble area and a group of tiny needles are injected into the skin. While these will cause redness, the needles are too small to actually see where the injections occur. For more visit
The body responds to those injections with collagen, which is the natural protein that your body produces to keep your skin firm. As you age, your body produces less collagen. If, however, you get an injury, the production of collagen increases. Because the injury is microscopic, you actually get the firming and filling benefits of collagen, which then erases some of the signs of aging, scarring and so on. Additionally, since your skin is actually pierced by needles by the Skin Care in Tucson, any products that you use to help enhance the effects of the treatment will be more beneficial.

Getting a treatment with a MicroPen isn’t painless – most people compare the pain to getting a sunburn – but you’ll experience much less pain than you would from surgery. What’s more, the recovery time is just a couple of days vs. weeks or months with surgery. What’s more, the cost is much more affordable and, in the end, you will simply look younger a fresher without the look of having work done.

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