Hydraulics as an engineering principle has been in use for thousands of years, starting when Egyptians and others used the principle to help move water to necessary locations in their irrigation systems. Today hydraulics continue to be a key component of water movement in irrigation and other agricultural uses and are also used in such diverse ways as in engine motors and pistons for vehicles, construction equipment and even marine components like steering mechanisms and winches.

Repairs made on a hydraulic pump

Miller Hydraulic Service Inc can make needed repairs to a Hydraulic Pump in Joliet Illinois that isn’t working properly, whether it’s used in a manufacturing or a mining piece of equipment or another tool that depends on this kind of system. A hydraulic pump can be repaired if the repair job is small enough, but sometimes that would be too extensive. In those cases, a rebuilt pump is the best solution. After the rebuilding process is complete, field testing is done to ensure that the rebuilt part will stand up to work required of it and that it won’t break again soon.

Refurbished hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinder components, including motors, valves, pistons and both electrical and manual controls as well as other equipment periodically need repairs. To help these components work more efficiently, refurbishing may be the best option. Components come in a wide range of materials including chrome, aluminum, cast iron, brass and even nylon as well as other options.

Why testing is important

Ensuring that a repaired or rebuilt hydraulic component works properly and won’t soon break down again is essential. That’s why the part should be tested at the shop once it’s repaired or rebuilt and then again under actual use once it’s put on the machine. A series of on-site and field trials will help ensure that the part is ready to handle the demands put on it.

Another important component of hydraulic service is field assistance. When a Hydraulic Pump in Joliet Illinois stops working properly, the reasons need to be assessed immediately. A good hydraulics service company is committed to bringing its technicians and equipment to the site 24 hours a day, any day of the week. Essential machinery problems can quickly be assessed so that the clients will know how extensive the problem is and how long the repair will take.

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