It is not surprising that people who have spent their life trying to be environmentally responsible would want to make their final exit from the earth as green as possible as well. Earth Friendly Burials in Hamilton OH have become much more common as people become aware of how everything humans do can impact the planet. There are many ways people can choose to have a burial that is less impactful than traditional methods.

The basic methods that are available today may not appeal to everyone, but they are an option that anyone can consider. The first is to forgo embalming. This is not a step that is possible if the person must be transported over state lines after death or if there is to be a lengthy wait between death and the burial. Federal laws regulate only transportation or when a contagious disease is present, but do not require embalming otherwise. Avoiding this process will eliminate the need for many chemicals.

The next option is to choose a biodegradable casket. These simple caskets are often made of soft woods or can be constructed of a durable cardboard that degrades once it is buried. They contain no harmful chemicals, so they are safe for the earth. Since the body will not be preserved, it too will experience the same process. The body is able to rejoin the earth and nourish the ground over time.

Some Earth Friendly Burials in Hamilton OH include cremation. With this method the body will not need to be embalmed and either burial or spreading the ashes are possible. Burial will require less space than when not cremated and spreading the ashes eliminates the need for a grave site entirely. The ashes can even be added to the roots of a seedling prior to the tree being planted.

It is important for people to plan ahead for this type of service. When unique options are desired, it can be difficult for family members to want to discuss some of the details when they are already emotional over their loss. At anyone can get the information they need about how to begin pre-planning their own ceremony, or to find assistance to help they make plans for a loved one. Contact them to discuss earth friendly options or any other funeral or burial need.

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