The foundation of a home or building is the base on which the building is built. It provides support for the home, as well as transfers the weight of the home evenly on the ground. A foundation also should insulate against cold, keep out moisture and prevent movement around the foundation. Maintaining the foundation is vital for protecting the home. It is important to know the sign of when Foundation Service in Hawaii is needed.

Cracked or Bowing Walls

Some major signs of a problem with a foundation are cracked or bowing walls. If the foundation has shifted or has become damaged, it can cause a shift in the walls of the home. Cracks can be seen in the walls that can extend from floor to ceiling. There can also be cracking in walls on upper-level floors that can be noticed sometimes before lower level problems. This shift can also cause walls to bow or bulge.

Water or Moisture Seeping into the Home

Water or moisture entering the home is a problem that should be addressed immediately. It could be a sign of problems with the foundation. At the very least, water in the soil is not being diverted properly. This could cause damage to the foundation if not corrected immediately. Another sign of foundation and water drainage issues is shifting in the soil around the home.

Sagging Floors and Sticking Doors

Foundation issues can spread to various areas of the home. It can cause the floors and ceiling to become warped or sagging. Early signs can be seen in doors and windows. Even the slightest shift in the foundation can affect window and door frames. This can cause windows and doors to have difficulties opening or shutting properly. It is important to seek Foundation Service in Hawaii as soon as possible.

Prompt Repair Can Prevent Serious Damage

Once a foundation begins to have issues, they should be addressed immediately. Even the smallest of cracks or damage in the foundation can allow water to seep in. This can create further damage to the foundation. If left untreated, damages to the home will only increase. This can become very costly to repair and can potentially cause the home to become unsafe. Click here for more information about foundation repair. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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