When you look at a roof, it’s easy to just see the shingles and think that’s the whole. In reality, building a roof is a long, multistep process, and requires an expert hand to do right. Building a roof that will keep you and your loved ones safe is one of the most important parts of constructing a home, so it’s good to know exactly what it is that a roofer does. There are really two different types of roofing, low slope and high slope. Some roofers only do one, some can do both. Here is how each type of roof is made.

Low Slope
Low-sloped roofs are often used for commercial buildings. They don’t have the advantage of gravity to get rid of snow and rain, so it is paramount to weatherproof the roof so it can withstand the elements. This is a process involving a number of different materials layered on top of each other. First, the roofer will install insulation. Once that’s done, a roofer applies molten bitumen on top, a sticky substance somewhat like tar. Next, they add overlapping layers of roofing felt soaked in bitumen. They apply more of the molten substance, using a mop to spread it around evenly. This process is repeated a number of times to make sure there are absolutely no unsealed seams. Finally, the top layer gets glazed smooth, and then gravel is embedded, giving the roof a rough surface.

High Slope
Most houses that you might live in have high slope roofs. These are the ones that allow rain and snow to slide off, and are easier to maintain for the layperson. These types of roofs are protected by shingles. First, the roofer cuts strips of shingle and tacks them on top of the roof in an overlapping pattern from the edge, cutting around any spots that might need an irregular shape, like a chimney. Metal flashing strips are used anywhere where shingles meet a chimney or a skylight in order to keep the roof airtight. Last, nail heads are caulked to prevent leaking.

It’s a difficult, exacting process, but it’s an extremely important one. If you get a subpar roofer, before long, you might be sitting in a house full of leaks. Make sure you choose a quality roofer here in St. Augustine, go to HW Contracting. They are a roofing company with years of experience and a high standard for quality.

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