Most freight can be readied for shipping using standard pallets, crates, and packaging. However, there are items that cannot be safely moved without custom accommodations. When clients need help with this kind of freight, they turn to specialists like Crate Masters, who can provide anything from a unique pallet in San Antonio to boxing that meets U.S. military standards. A Crating and packing service include wood craftsmen with the skill to build containers for literally anything that clients provide.

Builders Are Wood Experts

A custom crating service includes builders who have years of experience working with woods. Many have built benches, tool boxes, storage containers, cabinets, and tables. Craftsmen often have experience creating one-of-a-kind buildings and even playhouses. Their backgrounds and high-tech tools allow woodworkers to solve packaging problems and build crates that protect freight of any size, weight, shape or type.

Craftsmen Offer Personal and Commercial Solutions

Crate builders might be called on to design a heavy machinery pallet in San Antonio one day and a case for antiques the next. Builders are able to create packaging for industrial machinery, conveyors, mail sorting equipment and huge tools. They have built packaging for airplanes and helicopters as well as robots. Customers rely on them to design custom containers for live animals, trade show materials, and priceless art. Woodworkers have experience protecting chandeliers, mirrors, and glass. Craftsmen use design software to create packaging that shields even the tiniest parts and prevents items from moving during shipping. They can ensure that items are even safe during long ocean voyages.

Professionals Work to the Highest Standards

Clients also hire crating specialists when they want the best possible workmanship. Established Texas packaging and crating businesses adhere to their industry’s highest standards and hold multiple certifications. These include, but are not limited to, the approval of the Texas Motor Transportation Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Specialized Carrier & Rigging Association.

Individuals, businesses, and even governments often rely on specialists to build custom packaging. The businesses include craftsmen who can design and create protective packaging for items of any size or type. Clients also hire the companies because they guarantee the highest quality results and hold many certifications.

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