Plumbing Service in Findlay Ohio covers all repair and maintenance needs for building utilities and appliances. Clogged drains are a problem that needs immediate attention. Sinks and tubs are unusable when water can’t travel through pipelines. Since most people need to use water from the faucets every day, clearing out clogged drains is an urgent service need. A drain auger or plumbing snake is a tool used to clear blocked pipes. Plumbing technicians examine pipes to find a drain auger of the right size and design. The size makes a difference because an ill-fitted drain auger will not clear drains completely.

There are a few things that can be done at home to keep drain pipes clean. Running hot water for about 30 seconds once or twice a week washes down contents that can cause future problems. If there is a garbage disposal, do not overuse it. Take a closer look at contents in the sink to remove things that shouldn’t go down the disposal. Beware of commercial drain cleaners with compressed air as a clearing mechanism. The force applied with compressed air can damage pipes. Plumbing Service in Findlay Ohio has clog prevention items called clean outs. Drain clean outs are attachments for pipelines. The attachment catches contents that cause obstruction. Experienced plumbers show their customers how to properly care for drain pipe systems. Complete drain obstruction is a big problem to run into. Complete backups can bring sewage up through fixtures, posing serious health threats. This is why plumbing systems should work seamlessly.

A catch basin is an outdoor contrivance that keeps water from rain and floods away from building structures. They are also known as storm lines and have saved flood water from entering structures. When a catch basin is blocked, pools of water can enter a basement in severe rainstorms. Some homes with sloped yards where the force of gravity sends water to the structure are at high risk for floods. Catch basins are of vital importance for sloped landscape. Because catch basins are surrounded by concrete, dirt, leaves and debris, tube casing can get dirty and slowly corrode. Catch basins need inspection and repair after so long. Camera inspections enable viewing of pipe interior to check for deterioration. Cameras can locate displaced parts and cracks as well. Visit for information to schedule service.

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