If you take regular care to pump your septic tank, you should not experience any problems. You can also prevent issues by taking care with what you flush down your toilet. Some items can obstruct your drain, and therefore cause the type of plumbing issues that lead to catastrophes.

For example, never use the toilet to get rid of dental floss. While floss may seem harmless, it does not have biodegradable qualities. Therefore, floss will not break down inside a septic tank. It can also wrap around other materials and cause a clog. If you want to avoid contacting septic tank pumping services in Milton, DE, you need to dispose of your floss in the wastebasket instead.

Never Throw Bathroom Wipes Down the Toilet

If you use bathroom wipes, never flush them down the toilet. While they may seem similar to toilet paper, they do not break down easily. Even if a product says it is flushable, it is better to dispose of the wipe in the wastebasket. Make sure you place a small trash can next to the toilet if you are in the habit of using wipes. That way, you can avoid contacting a septic tank pumping services company about an unexpected repair.

Recycle Your Pill Bottles

Another item you do not want to flush down the toilet are pill bottles and their contents. Doing so will contaminate your water supply. You should take any expired medications to the doctor, who will have them recycled. If you want to play it safe, you need to dispose of pills in the proper manner.

Removing Diapers and Tampons

Many times professionals with septic tank pumping services find that diapers or tampons have been flushed down the toilet. When this happens, it can be costly, if not difficult, to remove the items. Dispose of tampons or diapers in a waste bin instead.

If you want to know more about septic repair or pumping services, click here for further details. Take special care when it comes to what you flush down your toilet. Being conscientious can save you a good deal of expense.

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