Infrastructure is the unsung hero of modern times. Without it, society would not have gotten past the dark ages. Nearly every facet of everyday life somehow involves infrastructure. Maybe you have to drive to work on roads and bridges. These, in particular, are often considered the veins of industry along with rivers, canals, and airways. This is because when a product has to go from the factory to a store it has to at some point utilize the roadways. Now imagine that there are hundreds of millions of people that are driving on these roads around the globe the fact that they stay together at all is somewhat of a miracle.

How many drivers have gotten annoyed or even angry when traffic is stopped because, for example, road construction in Somerville, NJ? However, people tend to forget how important that construction is because they are just too busy thinking they will be late to work. But if the roads were in disrepair not only would it take longer for those people to get to work but it would also lead to car crashes and possibly fatalities.

If someone notices a particularly dangerous patch of road, they should notify local governments immediately which in turn will go to contractors, like that of , to fix the road in question. They will come in with trucks that contain asphalt along with other materials and tools in which to fill up potholes or an even larger problem. Then they will close down that section of the road, just like the road construction in Somerville, NJ, and perform repairs. Then after giving the newly poured asphalt time to dry, they will remove the traffic markers and reopen the road much to the relief of busy rush hour drivers.

A good portion of our lives are spent on the infrastructure of the world whether it is the roads we drive on or the bridges we fish from. Like anything that important to our lives we want to take care of it. The best way to do this is to report any problems on the road to local governments.

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