New York residents are protected through public safety laws that apply to domestic animals. These laws require all pet owners to take necessary precautions to prevent their animal from injuring their neighbors and visitors. When a dog bite injury in Nassau County NY area occurs, an attorney helps the victims file a claim against the pet owner for these purposes.

What is a Strict Liability?

Strict liability would comes into play if the dog owner was aware of any& violent behavior. If the dog attacked someone previously, the pet owner might face penalties under the strict liability ruling. This ruling indicates that the owner possessed previous knowledge of these violent patterns and knew the dog would attack again. When the court uses this ruling, the pet owner is liable for all medical treatment needed by the victim. They are also required to submit a monetary award for pain and suffering.

Quarantine Requirements for Dogs

Any dog that attacks a human in the state of New York must undergo quarantine. This process requires the pet owner to take the dog to a licensed vet for evaluation. The dog must remain in the quarantine for a period of at least twelve days. During this time, the vet performs an assessment to determine if the dog shows any signs of rabies or exhibits aggressive behaviors. The findings of this evaluation are submitted to the court. If the dog is dangerous, the court may require the owner to have the animal euthanized.

Presenting the Case in Court

A Dog Bite Injury is presented to the court through the victim’s medical records. The medical records must show injuries that are were produced by a dog of the same breed as defined in the claim. The victim must also show that they entered the property lawfully at the time of the attack.

New York residents are protected under laws that prohibit pet owners from keeping dangerous animals. These laws require the pet owners to take measures to prevent any further attacks by dangerous dog breeds. Victims who suffered a Dog Bite Injury in Nassau County NY should contact an attorney and file a formal claim immediately.

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