Indoor air is recirculated through the home many times. While the system does draw in new air from the outside, this volume is only a fraction of what is already contained in the house. There are a few different items that can impact the quality of air inside the home.

Bringing in a new pet can be an exciting time. But it also increases the amount of pet hair inside the home. Depending on the breed, the amount can increase significantly. This extra hair can accumulate in the duct work. As the seasons change, this can be released back into the home and deteriorate the quality of the air. Contacting an Indoor Air Quality Service in Charleston SC can help determine if extra measures are needed to help control the amount of pet hair being released in the home.

Mold spores can drastically reduce the quality of air inside a home. Not only does the release of spores pose a health hazard, most homes aren’t equipped to handle the spores safely. Once released, they will travel throughout the entire home exposing everyone in the household. Family members with a compromised immune system may experience a worsening of symptoms or have more illnesses. An air quality test can determine if spores are present. If found, a thorough investigation will need to be done to locate and treat the source of the problem.

Changes in seasons such as the beginning of spring can also reduce the quality of air in the home. When pollen counts are high, filters can be struggling to keep everything out. The day to day activities can also allow a lot of pollen to enter the home. An Indoor Air Quality Service in Charleston SC can detect if the pollen levels are unusually high inside the home.

Maintaining air quality can be difficult with changes that happen inside the home. Bringing in new pets, the widespread growth of mold or an increase in the pollen count can have a detrimental effect on air quality. Contact Preferred Home Services to see what can be done about restoring or upgrading the quality of air that is already present inside the home.

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