If a business is in the habit of having cargo loaded and unloaded frequently at their work bays, it makes sense to invest in and utilize Loading Dock Levelers in Phoenix AZ. There are a couple of types of levelers that may be used, so the business in question will need to think about what type they may need.

Light Duty Leveler

These types of levelers are suitable for handling loads up to 25,000 lbs. Small forklifts are generally used to load and unload cargo from the docks that use these types of levelers. They are not hydraulic but instead are mechanical and raised and lowered by levers and springs.

Heavy Duty Leveler

These types of levelers are designed to accommodate loads up to 50,000 lbs. They tend to be more expensive and require a lot of maintenance to ensure proper operation and safety protocols, but they are actually easier to maintain than their light-duty brethren.

Edge Levelers

These levelers are suitable for when the company deals exclusively in lightweight loads. These levelers are inexpensive to purchase and install but are still very reliable when used for their intended purpose.

Pit Levelers

These types of levelers are great for companies who receive loads from a variety of trucks. They are easy to use and can accommodate a wide variance in the height of the trucks making deliveries.


The type of Loading Dock Levelers in Phoenix AZ a business uses will have to be determined before purchase. Some factors to consider are the daily use that the levelers will be subject to and the average weight of the loads they will be subjected to. If an increase in traffic is expected in the future, it is probably a better idea to go with the heavy-duty levelers versus the light-duty levelers.

When making the choice of loading dock levelers, consider consulting a company such as ASAP Door Repair & Service Inc that has the experience and know-how to help the customer make an informed decision. No matter what decision is made, the dock levelers will certainly make the task of loading and unloading cargo much easier. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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