How is that perfect hair color achieved? Sun-kissed blond peek- a- boo highlights or a warm chestnut brown or maybe even a subtle ombre that cascades with top to bottom iridescence…how does it all happen? As much as coloring hair is a beauty process it is also a chemical process. Knowing how the hair is changed into that desired hue is actually quite fascinating!

Four different things can happen at Hair Coloring Salons in Oahu. Permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair coloring are the most common paths to getting the latest hair styles. Please click here to learn more.

With permanent hair coloring, ammonia will be used to open the hair shaft’s cuticle. This then allows a two step process to begin. Peroxide, also known as the developer will begin removing the original hair color while a dye is then deposited to penetrate the hair with it’s new color. The dye will be used at different volumes depending on the desired outcome and one can expect a good 4 – 6 weeks of the new look.

Demi-permanent hair coloring is essentially a gentler version of its permanent counterpart. Rather than using ammonia, another alkaline agent is employed. Also, the concentration of peroxide as the developer is lessened. This scaled back application of changing the hair is safer, especially for dry or damaged hair. Because this method generally washes out over the space of 20 -28 washes, it can provide a more natural look.

Semi-permanent hair coloring is the option which uses dye to only partially permeate each strand. In this process, little to no ammonia or peroxide is used. Subtleties created in the hair allow for a more natural look here as well. Be advised; gray hair is not well covered with this method. Four to five shampoos is about as long as this coloring will last.

Temporary hair coloring is exactly that…temporary. Mainly used for special occasions, temporary hair coloring can be as simple as applying a spray or foam or perhaps even a rinse or shampoo. But in fact, one cleaning will generally remove any trace of the temporary dye. This is because temporary agents are not absorbed into the hair at all.

Achieving that beautiful shade is absolutely possible and Hair Coloring Salons in Oahu make it a reality!

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