Losing a loved one who was in perfect health is difficult enough, but suspecting the death could have been avoided makes things worse. When it appears that another person or entity is responsible for the chain of events that led to the death, the family will want to talk with one of the Wrongful Death Lawyers in Burlington VT. Here is what the legal counsel can do for those who are left behind.

Assessing the Circumstances

Before any of the Wrongful Death Lawyers in Burlington VT can provide advice that is helpful to their clients, it is necessary to take a good look at every action that took place prior to the death. What circumstances contributed to the demise of the loved one, and how is the suspected party involved in those circumstances? The goal is to determine if the party took specific actions that contributed to the event or if failing to take some action was the cause.

Along with analyzing the situation to determine what type of responsibility exists, is it necessary to determine if those actions, or lack thereof, are in compliance with current statutes that legally define a wrongful death? This is important since there is only a case if the circumstances fall within that legal definition.

Moving Forward With the Case

Assuming the lawyer finds the other party is responsible for the death, it is possible to initiate legal action. This will often involve filing the suit with the local court and providing the opposing party with the opportunity to negotiate some sort of settlement. The exact terms will vary but usually include some sort of financial compensation to the survivors. In some cases, the opposing party will affirm responsibility as part of the settlement. At other times, the settlement includes a provision that the opposing party does not specifically take responsibility for what has occurred. If a settlement is not possible, the matter will go to court.

For anyone who believes a loved one died as the result of negligence or some action by another party, talk with the team at McVeigh Skiff LLP today. After taking a good look at all the available facts, it will be easier to provide the client with advice defining how to proceed.

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