If a child is being brought in for a routine Dental cleaning in Oyster Bay NY, the dentist may ask them or the parent how much juice or soda they drink. This answer to this question will determine what risk the child is for developing tooth decay.

Should children and adults use a hard toothbrush?

Most of the time it isn’t the type of toothbrush being used, but rather the person’s cleaning technique. Most individuals will brush violently over the teeth, making the toothbrush a kind of weapon. Like drinking acidic beverages, this leads to tooth erosion and causes damage to the enamel.

People can hurt their gums in the long run, in fact, to the point to where the gums start to recede. Properly brushing and flossing is enhanced by the right toothpaste, floss, and mouth rinse. This can be seen in the RDA values indicated on the tubes and should not be higher than 60. Ask the dentist before or after every Dental cleaning in Oyster Bay NY what tips they may have to improve your technique.

Do you often drink alcohol?

The regular drinking of alcohol affects the salivary glands and sometimes makes for a very dry mouth. Cannabis also has a negative effect on the salivary glands. Since the saliva provides teeth with protection from bacteria, bacteria are easily found in a dry mouth.

According to the American Cancer Society, about seven in ten people with oral cancer are heavy drinkers. Scheduling a consultation with the Locust Valley Dental Group could determine how susceptible you are to oral diseases.

Are you stressed?

Anyone who is constantly stressed often has a tooth problem sooner or later. Those with high levels of stress may find themselves grinding their teeth at night. This could result in breakage, erosion, and so on. The teeth lose their shape and are rubbed down into a smooth surface. A dentist knows that many people are struggling with stress, but there are ways to beat it.

It would be a good start if people openly talked with their dentist about the stressful situations they are having. Stress also causes other health effects such as hypertension, delayed wound healing, sleep disorders or a higher risk of mental illness. Visit  for more information.

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