Personal injury claims are applicable to a range of circumstances, such as slip and fall injuries, car accidents, and animal attacks. If a person’s injuries are serious enough, a personal injury law firm in Queens County, NY can handle the claim and get the client the money they deserve. Before hiring a lawyer, clients should know the following important facts about personal injury law.

Finding the Right Attorney

As a client searches for an attorney, they can begin by asking coworkers, friends, and family for recommendations. Legal referral sources can help as well, but it’s important to read attorneys’ online reviews to verify the firm’s history and legitimacy. Above all, clients should remember that it’s illegal for attorneys to contact accident victims with solicitations.

Taking Personal Responsibility

Clients have many rights, but they have responsibilities to consider as well. It’s up to the client to get the necessary medical care and to comply with the doctor’s orders. Clients should submit their bills to their health insurer, and they should keep their lawyer updated on their medical progress. By being honest and open, a client can help their lawyer in many ways.

Filing on Time

Personal injury claims have a strict time limit known as the statute of limitations. If a client delays his or her claim, they may be forever kept from gaining compensation for their injuries. With prompt action, a client and his or her personal injury law firm in Queens County, NY can achieve a better outcome.

Learning About Contingency Fees

In most cases, the contingency fee a lawyer charge is equal to 33.3-40% of the total award, depending on whether the case makes it to court. Contingency fees can be negotiated, and medical liens should be paid before the settlement is received. Pretrial costs are typically advanced by the lawyer and repaid out of the recovery amount. If there’s no recovery, the attorney usually won’t charge a fee. However, it’s up to the client to ask about these costs before signing an agreement.

If a person has an injury case, they may able to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party to get compensation for their losses, pain, and suffering. Call the Law Office of Steven R. Smith or visit them at to schedule a no-obligation claim evaluation.

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