Electrical problems not only lead to safety issues but can cause severe devastation through fires and personal injury. When problems with an electrical system arise, it is important to find a qualified electrician who can diagnose the source of the problem and make the proper upgrades to remedy the issue once and for all. Here is a quick look at three of the most common problems that an electrician can be called upon to fix, and why they are projects best left to a professional.

Circuit Breaker Load Issues

The outlets and light fixtures in a home are all connected to a circuit breaker that helps to limit the amount of electricity provided to an outlet for safety reasons. If the watt usage of the items drawing from the circuit breaker is larger than it can handle, it will cause it to trip. Replacing the breaker with a larger capacity breaker or dividing the outlets on a breaker can help eliminate this problem and prevent future safety issues from occurring.

Sparking Outlets

One of the biggest safety issues that Electricians in Council Bluffs are called to fix is sparking outlets. Most are caused by either an overload of the circuit feeding the outlet or a loose outlet that does not provide a stable connection for the items that are plugged in. An electrician can test a circuit breaker to determine if load issues are apparent and replace any outlets that may be malfunctioning due to overuse.

Ground Failures

One of the most dangerous issues that a homeowner can experience is a ground fault. If a home is not properly grounded, it can cause power surges to damage electronic items, and can even cause a lightning strike to surge through a home, which is a significant fire hazard. Electricians in Council Bluffs can test the current ground of a home and make suggestions on improvements to help ward off potential safety issues in the future.

An electrician can have a home’s electrical system working safely and reliably in no time. The team at Brase Electrical Contracting Corp. offers both residential and commercial services and can have any electrical system issues repaired quickly. Contact them today to learn more and tackle electrical problems before they lead to safety issues or property loss.

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