If you are looking to lay carpet in your home the Phoenix Carpeting Services available will have a number of options from which to choose. Here is an overview to help you find the best carpet for your home:

  • Shag: If you have small children and pets shag carpet offers a longer pile that is very comfortable underfoot. It is perfect for getting down and playing, lying and even crawling. It is also ideal for bedrooms because it is so cozy underfoot. Shag comes in many designer shades and also adds an interesting texture to your floors.
  • Solid Cut Pile: This is probably the most common form of carpet used in homes as it is usually the choice for builders. The cut of the pile gives it a smoother surface than shag and it is also a more dense carpet making it very cushiony underfoot. It too is a good choice for families and can be run throughout the home including stairs.
  • Cut and Loop: This carpet brings in design elements and texture and is another popular choice for homeowners who are looking for something with subtle design detail. Its design pattern makes it harder to see wear and tear and sometimes hides stains better as well. However it is not a good choice for pets as they can catch their claws on the pile. You can add a nice touch to a ho hum room with the right color and pattern choice with cut and loop carpeting.
  • Modular Tiles: Tiled carpeting is the ultimate choice for families in that it allows you to remove tiles and wash them and even replace them in case of staining. They also can be mixed and matched to create unusual patters and come in hundreds of styles, colors and patterns. They are not as comfy underfoot when compared to pile carpets.
  • Geometrics: Large scale patterns can create the feeling of a very large area rug and create a different feel depending the design and colors chosen. They are also not very cushy underfoot but can make a sophisticated statement in the right room. It is more of a designer choice than that for the average family. Small scale geometrics are ideal for stairs and hallways and work well in combination with wood floors.

Your Phoenix carpeting services can show you hundreds of choices for your carpeting needs. You can also consider using natural fibres such as wool and bamboo for an environmentally friendly option.

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