Chemically dependent persons decide to begin Outpatient Treatment in Palm Beach FL when they become convinced it’s time to get clean and sober. The reason for this conclusion varies, although some common factors have been found. Usually, a serious problem has arisen connected with the drug or alcohol use, and the person wants very much to solve it.

Triggering Events

Often, a triggering event feels so catastrophic that the person is left reeling. Outpatient Treatment in Palm Beach FL feels like a life raft. For example, the person’s spouse may have become unable to stand it any longer and left, taking the children. Another person may have lost a job because of chronic lateness due to hangovers. Someone who drinks excessively may have caused a car accident that injured another individual, and now feelings of guilt are overwhelming.

Gender Differences


Research has found that, for men, career issues are the most common reasons they decide to quit drinking or taking illicit drugs. A man may have been threatened with job loss if he does not quit using or he may actually have been fired. Termination can be especially decimating if that job was very satisfactory and had been held for many years.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a man may realize he won’t get a promotion within the organization or obtain a more lucrative position elsewhere unless he gives up his habit. A sales job with salary and commission, for instance, requires a great deal of personal energy that an addict isn’t likely to have.


Women are more likely to seek treatment when their addiction is disrupting their family life or when they want to make a positive change in that area. Facing an impending separation or divorce because of the addiction is a motivating factor to seek help from an organization like Nextep. Another time a woman decides to get clean and sober is when she starts thinking about having a baby.


This isn’t to say that men don’t seek treatment if their family life starts to disintegrate or that women don’t realize they need help if their career is negatively impacted. The research simply shows general trends. Anyone who wants to begin outpatient therapy for addiction may view

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