Gum disease is more common than most people realize. According to the Centers for Disease Control, around half of all Americans have some degree of gum disease. Unfortunately, gum disease can progress and will eventually cause a person to begin to lose their teeth. It is crucial people take care of their oral health by brushing and flossing each day. It is also important one sees their dentist as often as they should to ensure gum disease is found in its earliest stages so it can be properly treated. With Gum Disease Treatment in Melbourne, a patient’s gums can be made healthy again.

When a person needs Gum Disease Treatment in Melbourne, they need to schedule a consultation appointment right away to determine their diagnosis. If the gum disease is in its beginning stages, a patient will notice their gum tissue is red and inflamed. Gingivitis may cause the gums to feel irritated and can cause bleeding during brushing. If these signs are noticed, one needs to see their dentist right away so a deep cleaning treatment can be carried out to stop the infection.

Unfortunately, gingivitis often progresses into periodontal disease. When this disease is present, a person may notice their gum tissue swells and develops pockets that fill with infection. This causes the roots of the teeth to be exposed and can lead to loosening and even tooth loss. The treatment for this form of gum disease can range from deep root scaling treatments to surgery. Patients often need oral medications to help bring the infection under control.

A flap surgery is the most common treatment needed for periodontal disease. The dentist will clean the pockets and then suture the gum tissue in place so there are no pockets that cause the roots to become exposed. In some cases, bone grafts must also be used to ensure the gums can recover and bone growth can be encouraged.

If you have noticed any signs of changes in your gum tissue, now is the time to seek treatment. For more information about these treatments, visit . They are the dental professionals people rely on to keep their smiles healthy.

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