When people think of household pests, the first things that typically come to mind are ants, roaches, bedbugs, and mice. However, there is one pest that can cause just as much damage as any of the common insects and rodents if they infest a home. Silverfish survive best in humid conditions so they are often found in bathrooms or basements.

They will feed on sugar though, so they might also migrate to the kitchen. These insects can spread disease so it’s important to contact an exterminator that specializes in Silverfish in Marlboro NJ if they have infested the home.

Getting Rid of Silverfish

Homeowners may be able to control these pests on their own if they detect them soon enough. Pest control products designed for other insects might not work on silverfish so it’s important to read the label before purchasing an insecticide. It’s also critical to make sure any insecticide used inside a home is made for indoor use and is safe to use around children or pets.

Those who see several of these insects in different parts of their home should not try to exterminate them on their own. A professional will be much more effective and cost-efficient.

Cost to Eliminate Silverfish

In order to completely eliminate Silverfish in Marlboro NJ homes, homeowners will need to either purchase over-the-counter products or hire an experienced pest control company like Freehold Pest Control. The top exterminators offer service plans.

This means that after the initial problem has been eradicated, the professionals will return every three months to check for new pests and exterminate any they find. They’ll also treat the areas where the silverfish were found to ensure they don’t return.

No one wants to live with pests. They destroy homes and food. Some, like silverfish, may even make people who live in the home sick. Infestations can happen quickly so homeowners need to pay attention to the areas in their house where pests are likely to live and breed. When they notice one, they need to take action right away because there might be many more hiding and waiting to eat the glue that holds parts of the bathroom together.

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