When most people think of buying a car, they envision visiting a local dealership and spending hours to be approved for a loan and complete the transaction. Rather than dealing with the headache of the traditional car buying process, more consumers are choosing to utilize Vehicle Auctions in Woodward Oklahoma when they are in the market for a new car. The idea of attending an auction can be foreign, but a quick look at what is involved will allow anyone to participate in an auction and bid on a vehicle with confidence.

Preview Period

When an auction company hosts an event, they will place all of the cars that are included in that day’s sale in an area where they can be previewed. This allows those in attendance to view the interior and exterior of the vehicle and determine the vehicle’s mileage and past ownership history. Most auction company’s do not allow bidders to test drive a car beforehand, so it is essential to do research and ask any questions before the auction begins.


As the vehicle makes its way onto the auction block, the auctioneer will state what the vehicle’s reserve amount is, which is the lowest amount at which the car will sell for. Bids usually start at this number and increase as those in the audience place additional bids. Most auction companies require $100 increments, but bidders can also choose to bid higher amounts to help secure their ability to purchase the vehicle.

Payment And Delivery

The last step is to make payment and accept delivery of the vehicle. Some Vehicle Auctions in Woodward Oklahoma provide in-house financing which allows an individual to purchase a car without having to have the full cash amount on hand. Be sure to research available financing options before bidding so there will be no issues when paying for the item after it is won.

Attending an auction can be fun and exciting and allow anyone to get a great deal on a reliable car. Wiggins Auctioneers hosts a variety of events that make the process easy and straightforward. Be sure to click here to learn more about the process and view their calendar of upcoming auction events today. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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