Dentists who live in Arizona, or wish to work there, and are looking to start a private practice should consider purchasing a practice that is for sale, rather than build a new one. Why buy dental practice in Arizona? It is easier, less expensive, and less time-consuming. A dentist can begin with a built-in patient base, not have to worry about advertising and hiring support staff, and not have to shop for equipment, machinery, or furniture. Building a new practice will be far more complicated than that. Selecting an architect, finding land, and getting the financing for construction, as well as other purchases is difficult and frustrating.

It is also much more expensive. A couple of different monthly payments is costly, not to mention the interest rates on each of those loans. When a dentist decides to buy dental practice in Arizona, there is one monthly payment that includes the space, the furniture, and the machinery. That means one interest rate, which translates into a huge savings over the life of the loan. It is also less expensive in terms of advertising. The community already knows there is a dental practice at that location, so advertising dollars are only needed to announce a change in dentist. An advertisement in the local paper, a radio commercial, and a coupon off a set of X-rays and a dental examination will bring new patients to the door.

Building a patient base from scratch takes a lot of time. Most people do not like change, so they are not likely to change dentists if they do not have to. The practice they frequent already is probably close to home or work, they know the staff, and know what to expect from the dentist. An existing practice will come with some sort of patient base. The dentist may need to attract new patients, but will not have to wait to get some in order to cover expenses. The dentist will also not have to wait for new construction to be completed to start practicing dentistry. There are brokers, such as those at Western Practice Sales, for example, who specialize in buying and selling dental practices.

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