One of the most sought-after genres of food is Indian, as most dishes are full of flavor due to the extensive selection of herbs that are used in cooking them. Indian cuisine has gained a great deal of popularity over the past several years and is becoming a go-to favorite for people of all ages. Before a person thinks that Indian food isn’t for them, they should keep reading, as there are many different reasons why people all over the world enjoy authentic meals inspired by Indian cooking practices.

Vegetarian Options

Many people choose not to eat meat, and while most all restaurants provide a few options for vegetarians, Indian cuisine has a considerable selection of menu items that are viable options for those avoiding meat proteins. Palak Paneer is a popular option and is made with simmered spinach and homemade Indian cheese, which gives the dish a creamy and hearty texture. No matter what dietary restrictions a person may face, they are sure to find something they can enjoy at one of the many Washington DC Indian Restaurants.

Slow Cooked Meats

Meats that are cooked in Indian dishes are seldom fried or sauteed, as most traditional cooking methods use slow roasting. This helps keep the meat as tender as possible and allows for maximum flavor transfer. Most meats are slow cooked in clay pots, which helps to enhance flavor and the overall tenderness of the meat.

Exotic Dessert Offerings

No meal is complete without a sweet treat offering at the end, and Washington DC Indian Restaurants provide customers with a vast selection of authentic items. Kheer is one of the most sought after, and is a rice pudding dish that is flavored with cardamom and rose water, and provides a clean and refreshing taste. Many also enjoy Gulab Jamoon, which is a sweet dumpling dish that is slow cooked in sugar water and rose essence.

Individuals looking to try something new and broaden their culinary horizons should consider giving Indian food a try. Heritage India provides a full lunch and dinner menu that offers diners a vast selection of choices. Stop by today and experience authentic cuisine that will warm the soul and excited the taste buds.

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