When individuals are missing large amounts of teeth, they often find it difficult or even impossible to enjoy a wide array of foods. Missing teeth can also make a person feel embarrassed about the state of their smile. Those who are missing teeth are urged to see their dentist about Dentures in Newark NJ. Dentures can allow a person to overcome the obstacles that would prevent them from being able to feel confident about their smile.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Dentures?

  *    Improved smile appearance

  *    Improved ability to chew

  *    Ability to eat a wide array of foods

  *    Reduction of speech issues

  *    Gives the face a fuller, more youthful look

  *    Can be removed for easier cleaning

  *    Can prevent the wear and tear on remaining natural teeth

What Can Patients Expect From Dentures?

When a person sees their dentist for Dentures in Newark NJ, the dentist will first carefully examine the patient’s mouth and will take X-rays to determine if the patient is a good candidate. The gum plates will be checked to ensure there is ample bone growth so the gum tissue and bones will be able to adequately support the denture plate once it is put into place.

Impressions must be made before the dentures are created for the patient. This is vital for a proper fit and the prevention of the dentures slipping around in the patient’s mouth. Once the dentures have been made, the patient will be given a time period to try them out so any adjustments can be made.

Growing Accustomed to Dentures Takes Time

It is important to note; dentures can feel a little uncomfortable when a person first begins wearing them. As the gums toughen up and the mouth grows accustomed to having the dentures in place, things will get easier.

It is important a person follows the directions of their dentist so they can get used to wearing dentures with as little discomfort as possible. To learn more about these services, Visit website. Contact ChildSmilesFamilySmiles today to schedule your consultation appointment so you can learn if you will be a good candidate for new dentures.

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