Commercial buildings use one or more industrial-sized heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units to heat and cool a building, and servicing these units needs to be performed often to ensure they are in proper working order. These systems, based on the building’s size, can be rated at four tons or more. Multiple units can be placed on the roof of some buildings to keep them from taking up ground space because they can be quite large or more than one unit is needed. An Industrial HVAC Contractor can help to maintenance and repair units to keep buildings at optimal temperatures for maximum comfort of occupants.

Having a reliable service contract with a company can mean the difference between a system that is down for a couple of hours versus days. Industrial HVAC Contractor can respond to a repair request immediately when businesses have an existing service contract. Regular maintenance and duct cleaning is also required by laws established by the federal government. Commercial HVAC units also have to be cleaned and serviced once a year to prevent illnesses that can be spread through the air. Routine service and maintenance can save companies thousands in replacement costs of units that are left unchecked or maintained improperly. This can also keep the company from being penalized and handed hefty fines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The organization monitors all commercial industries to ensure they are taking care of their equipment as federally mandated to uphold safety standards for the public and employees.

HVAC-certified technicians can perform diagnostic analysis on all systems and their corresponding components to ensure they are functioning to manufacturers’ specifications. They can also locate potential unit failures before they happen and replace a part to keep the unit working right. They have the training and equipment to service an HVAC unit no matter who manufactured it, and they can also suggest reliable replacement units should one need to be replaced.

Teddy Bear Services offers qualified HVAC service and repairs for commercial properties with reliable and friendly technicians. Their service technicians are all HVAC certified to perform the necessary work on all commercial units. They offer a variety of services to companies needed to repair a building due to water damage, fire, and smoke damage as well as hazardous material cleanup services. They offer 24-hour emergency service for faster HVAC repairs. Visit to view all the services they provide.

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