Your garage door is designed to make life more convenient. It allows you the space you need to move vehicles in and out of your garage reliably and safely, and keeps bad weather, pests and other threats out of your home. However, these doors don’t always work properly, and can sometimes become more of a burden than a convenience. That’s why it’s imperative to know when it’s time to reach out for garage door service in Satellite Beach, FL, for repairs. Some of the most common signs it’s time to seek out help include:

Loud Noises

Any garage door is going to be loud when it’s opened, but there are certain sounds that indicate something might be wrong. Clanking, scraping and squeaking sounds often indicate that there’s a problem with the springs that allow your garage door to operate correctly. If you’ve been noticing these sounds, it’s probably time to let a professional service your doors.

Struggling to Open or Close

The main purpose of your garage door is to open and close whenever you press a button. If your door can’t live up to these expectations anymore and is neither opening nor closing properly, you should have a professional look at your setup for potential damages soon.

Door Sitting Unevenly

If your garage door sits, opens and closes unevenly (one side lower or higher than the other), it could be an indication that there’s an issue with your springs, tension machinery or another party of the construction. This could be dangerous, as failing tensions could lead to your door failing to stay up and falling closed unexpectedly. Therefore, having a professional out to service your doors and correct the issue soon is a must.

These are some of the most common issues which mean you could probably use some garage door service in Satellite Beach, FL, but there are several other problems to look out for as well. Speak to your professionals of choice in order to get the repairs you need and learn about any other potential obstacles your doors might be facing. Visit for more information.

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