Technicians who service central Air Conditioning in New Haven IN can inspect the entire system, including the duct work, for problem areas that may be leading to higher electric bills and warm spots in the house. These technicians, from a company such as Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning, also can offer advice on other ways to beat the heat while saving money on utility bills. This doesn’t mean people need to give up the comfort of air conditioning, but instead can use some effective complementary strategies.

Checking Duct Work

Over time, duct pipes can separate slightly but just enough to leak cool air where it isn’t necessary. In contrast, a pipe may have been crimped during the initial installation process, and that may be reducing air flow to part of the house. A technician who services central Air Conditioning in New Haven IN can inspect all the pipes and make sure everything is in good working order. Any adjustments that should be made can be done at this time or during a future appointment. Click Here for contact information.

Plant for Shade

Shading the air compressor allows it to run more efficiently. This can be done with shade trees, bushes or tall flowering plants. A trellis with climbing vines is another option. However, it’s important to make sure the plants or any supportive structures don’t block air flow, as that will cause the compressor to become even hotter and reduce its longevity.

If homeowners want the sun to help keep the house warmer in winter, planting deciduous trees instead of evergreens is advisable. Those trees shed their leaves in autumn and allow the sun to shine through the branches.

Avoid Heat Production

Certain appliances produce heat and make the central air conditioner work harder to keep the house at an optimum temperature. People may figure that creating steam with pans on the stove, baking food in the oven or drying clothes in the dryer on hot days is OK because the central air keeps the house cool. They may not realize how much this can add to the electric bill, however.

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