Having great curb appeal doesn’t come by accident. It is achieved by very careful and deliberate planning of plants, grass, and other decorative items. Beautiful landscape design is not something that can be done by everyone. For those that prefer to leave that kind of work to the professionals, here are three tips for working with them to create a beautiful Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut.

The first tip is to collect ideas for future designs. Take a look at the different landscape designs in the neighborhood to see if anything is inspiring. Now is the time to collect landscaping magazines for more ideas and things that might be incorporated into the future design. While collecting ideas that are inspiring, be mindful of the things that are not appealing. Designers like to know what clients absolutely do not want in their designs, so they can stay away from them.

The second tip is to interview a few different landscaping designers to find the right fit. Be sure to follow up on any references offered and study their previous work. Seeing what they’ve done is a great way for clients to see if they are on the same page as their designer. Also, each designer typically puts up a write up of their philosophy and methods on a web page. Clients need to be sure that it matches with their own philosophy and will work with what they are requesting.

Finally, it is very important for clients to keep an open mind. Good designers are able to work with aspects that their clients like and create something new and fresh that will work with what their clients have envisioned. If an element of the design doesn’t seem to work at first, give the designer a chance to see what they can do with it to incorporate into a fantastic design. It is also very common for the original vision to be unrealistic. It is the the designer’s job to take that unrealistic vision and either make it come true or create a new version that is realistic. Give them that chance.

To make an appointment with a designer, contact Northeast Horticultural Services. Visit the website for more ideas on Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut.

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