For many teens and adults in their early twenties, wisdom teeth can be a challenge. As the teeth begin to emerge, they don’t always line up with the other molars. Their addition to the mouth can cause everything from crowding to creating pockets of bacteria. In each of these situations, the best solution is the removal of the Wisdom Teeth in Short Hills NJ. Just like any other type of oral treatment or procedure, with the right amount of preparation it is possible to have a worry-free experience.

See an Oral Surgeon as Soon as Possible

If your dentist mentions your wisdom teeth are on their way in and need to be removed, it is in your best interest to see an oral surgeon as soon as possible. Because Wisdom Teeth in Short Hills NJ, don’t always come in as expected, you want the surgeon to take a look and determine what type of extraction you will need. Some patients are able to experience the procedure with just a local anesthetic. Others may require a general sedative. If the teeth are impacted or it will be more work to get them out, it might be a good idea to consider general anesthesia.

Have Supplies Ready to go at Home

There is going to be some bleeding after the wisdom teeth are removed. Many surgeons suggest that patients keep gauze over the area. Ideally, a blood clot needs to form at the incision, so the bleeding stops. Patients that are constantly spitting the blood out of their mouths may disrupt the clot, causing the bleeding to continue for longer. Swelling and bruising are also common, especially if any of the bone was disturbed during the procedure. An ice pack, over-the-counter pain medication, and lots of water are also good to have on hand. Finally, make sure that you have soft foods to consume over the next couple of days. Visit here for more information.

Take the Day Off

Plan to be away from regular activities for the entire day. After the procedure, patients should come home and rest, allowing their bodies to start the healing process. Working, taking care of others and, if you’ve been under sedation, driving, are all out of the question right away. If you think that you need your wisdom teeth removed, contact Westfield Oral Surgery for more information about the process.

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