When a drain clogs, a pipe leaks, or any other flooding occurs in the home, it can be difficult for the homeowner to see anything but the mess left behind. One may wonder what to do next and if any of their belongings can be saved or will be covered by homeowner’s insurance. Water damage can be very stressful, but the more a homeowner knows about it, the more easily it can be addressed with Flood Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs. Below are a few facts on water damage.

There’s Different Insurance for Water and Flood Damage

A homeowner may believe that all water damage is the same whether it comes from a pipe burst or a flood. However, conventional homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. If one lives in a flood plain, they’re likely to have an NFIP-sponsored policy. When a claim is reported, the policyholder should specify whether it’s for flood or water damage so it can be correctly adjusted.

Not Every Water Damage Event is Covered

It’s good to review the homeowner’s insurance policy to learn about water damage exclusions. For example, most policies cover sudden events such as overflowing washers and severe storms. Conversely, water damage arising from improper maintenance can be excluded as can damage from a gradual leak.

Water Damage Will Quickly Get Worse

When a home has water damage, the owner shouldn’t wait to start cleanup. Secondary issues related to mold growth can present severe health risks. Mold needs food and moisture to grow, and that’s exactly what wet drywall and carpet offer. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours, and it multiplies rapidly. A water damage restoration company can respond at any time of the day or night for immediate Flood Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs.

The Insurer Needs Immediate Notification

It’s good to call the insurance company as soon as water damage is discovered. The agent can immediately start the claims process, and they can guide the homeowner through the steps necessary to protect the home from further damage. The insurer may be able to recommend a local restoration company like Black Label Restoration that can restore the property. You can also check their BBB ratings for more information.

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