Weed control in Spokane is just one of the services offered by lawn care specialists. While mowing the lawn can reduce the visibility of weeds, it does not prevent the problem from recurring. Here, homeowners can learn a few reasons why weed control is important.

Using Professional Herbicides

Most homeowners rely on products bought at home improvement stores to inhibit weed growth, and in some cases, they may not be able to use certain products due to environmental regulations. A professional lawn care service can use commercial strength products that have been approved for quality and safety.

Testing the Soil

Soil can be a fertile breeding ground for insects, algae, and pests that can destroy ornamental and beneficial plants. When standard herbicides do not work, a lawn care company can perform soil tests to solve the problem for good. With proper testing, the company can ensure that only the correct fertilizers and herbicides are used.

Enhancing the Organic Content of Soil

The soil’s content of organic matter is what encourages plants, trees, and shrubs to grow properly. A good organic balance can improve soil quality without detrimental effects on the environment. After soil testing, a lawn care expert can recommend a maintenance routine to raise the organic content of the soil to a more acceptable level.

Proper Pruning, Cutting and Edging

Because all lawns are different, the cutting length may need adjustment. Cutting grass at an incorrect height can damage its growth pattern. However, hiring a professional for Weed Control in Spokane can ensure that the lawn is properly cut and that shrubs are correctly pruned.

Preemptive Weed Control

Weeds only become an issue once they’ve germinated and matured. While some homeowners may know about weed extraction, others may not know about pre-emergent weeds. These procedures target the soil and stop weeds from germinating and destroying beneficial plants.

With professional help, it is easy to transform a home’s lawn. Browse our website to get a quote on a one-time or recurring service package, or call the number on the website. With one call, a customer can get a landscape to be proud of.

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