From outdated operating systems to worn parts, there are a variety of reasons why an elevator may malfunction. However, many equipment failures are preventable with preventive maintenance and Elevator Services in Arlington VA. Regular maintenance does not just increase productivity and avoid downtime; it can lower energy consumption as well. Below is a list of the most common elevator problems and their solutions.

Worn Sheaves

When an elevator’s sheaves are worn, extra strain is placed on ropes and both components are gradually destroyed. Sheaves may be re-grooved or replaced to prevent premature failure, and simple tools can be used to check whether grooves are wearing evenly.

Power Failure

An elevator draws a great deal of energy from a commercial building, and updates to a system’s voltage can affect operations and damage the system. Elevators with a history of operational issues or motor failure should get a power quality assessment. Infrared thermography can measure temperature changes and point out trouble spots before they cause complete failure.


When an elevator becomes worn down, small metal particles can get into the oil and interfere with the unit’s proper function. Similarly, worn seals and poor lubrication can cause contamination. Elevator Services in Arlington VA can conduct an oil assessment to look for motor wear or contamination.

Noisy or Failed Bearings

Over half of all motor malfunctions are due to bearing failures. Noisy bearings are usually attributed to motor vibration, and while a variable frequency drive can decrease the motor’s energy consumption, it can induce common mode current, which increases vibration to a dangerous level. Consider using inductive absorbers to absorb current and protect the system from premature failure.

Misaligned Motor Drives

When electrical motors are coupled to other pieces of equipment, shaft alignment is crucial. Without proper alignment, motor bearings can wear out early. Poor shaft alignment can be seen with laser measuring equipment, or with a straight edge and a string. Alternatively, a geared machine with a flange-mounted motor doesn’t require realignment if the unit is dismantled.

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