If a customer needs Asphalt Repair Ferndale WA, multiple factors can affect the outcome and quality of the job. Asphalt Industries has been in the asphalt paving industry for many years, and they know the intricacies of the paving process. Below are several mistakes to be avoided when paving or repairing a driveway.

Insufficient Insurance

Many asphalt paving companies try to get by as inexpensively as possible, and they skimp on insurance to cut costs. A homeowner can be held liable for accidents occurring on the premises, and the company chosen should have worker’s compensation, general liability and umbrella coverage to protect the customer and the contractor.

Recycled Content

Most asphalt has been recycled, and customers should not be concerned if some of the project’s materials have been reused. However, low-quality asphalt with a high percentage of recycled content can affect the appearance and durability of the project. Choose a company that uses asphalt with a lower percentage of recycled materials.

Outdated Equipment

Customers should not choose a contractor who installs paving by hand. With today’s technological advancements, the quality and efficiency of the work should offer a great value for the investment. With quality installation, the job will last longer and it will be more resistant to decay.

Short-Staffed or Inexperienced Crew

A homeowner should consider who will work on the project. A short-staffed crew can cause delays and other issues. When a person hires an asphalt paving company, they should find out who will be involved, and they should consider why each team member was chosen.

Upfront Payment

Unless the project is of significant size, a customer should not make anĀ upfront payment. On large commercial projects, contractors often expect a deposit, but residential customers have no such concerns. Reliable companies have credit lines with material vendors, and the customer should only pay when the project is finished.

Avoiding the mistakes listed above can help homeowners get the most out of Asphalt Repair Ferndale WA. While some may be tempted to ignore this advice, a solid paving job can last for 20 years or more. While cutting corners can help clients save upfront, it can be costly in the end. When a homeowner needs quality asphalt installation and repair, they can count on the team at Asphaltindustries.net for unparalleled service.

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