When it comes to underwater lights, you’ve got a ton of considerations to pile through. Read on to have an idea of what you need to know when you shop around for underwater lights fit for use in a marine environment:

marine underwater lights1. No mixed metals. Don’t make a rookie mistake like putting bronze or stainless-steel fittings on your aluminum hull. If you do, you’ll pretty much end up with a corroded hull. That’s because the mixed metals corrode and eat away at the aluminum, leaving your hull in bad shape.

2. No need to haul the boat all the way to shore when you need to have a light fixed, says Boating. You can easily get the problem fixed by investing in quality lights, buying them yourself and installing them, DIY-style.

3. Look for the CE mark. That’s a sign on the item or the packaging, stating that the LED is shielded in order to keep electromagnetic interference from happening. Never buy lights without that sign. If you do, you might end up bringing lights on board that could compromise your GPS and other marine electronics in a seriously bad way.

4. Picking the right colors. Want to attract fish and have a fishing party at night? Or just enjoy feeding the fish? You can attract them by installing certain types of LED lights that seem to appeal to them. For instance, green seems to work pretty well in getting fish to come closer to your boat. Azure tones seem to work exceptionally as well.

5. Choose bright lights. When you’re dropping anchor at night, there’s always the risk that a ship or vessel might not see you, at least not until it’s too late. To keep these scary scenarios from happening, make sure you choose bright marine underwater lights. The brighter the beam, the better. That’s because the brightness helps warn vessels of your location. It’s one way to prevent a collision from happening.

6. Easy installation. Pick lights that are easy to install by yourself. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to the last word and you’ll be fine. Also, there are a ton of DIY videos to handily help you out in case any of the steps or instructional details aren’t clear to you.
Keep this list in mind when you start shopping around for underwater lights for your boat. That way, you won’t forget any of the important details anytime soon.

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