A person who has been arrested typically has the option of paying bail in return for being released from jail. The bail money is returned as long as the individual shows up for all court dates, even if he or she eventually is convicted of the crime. Many people can’t afford even a relatively small amount of cash bail. Instead of waiting in jail for their trial date, they may have two options. One is to get the bail money somehow, such as borrowing it from a relative or acquiring a bail bond in Midwest City Oklahoma area.

The second option is generally not as advantageous. It involves arranging a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney’s office, which may be done with a public defender or a private lawyer. The plea bargain may include the stipulation that the arrested person avoids incarceration as part of the sentence. Nevertheless, this individual now has a criminal conviction on the legal record, whether or not he or she actually was guilty.

A Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma usually is a better option, unless the person who was arrested is indeed guilty and the evidence is obvious and conclusive. By arranging for a bond service to put up a surety bond for bail, the person is released and now has some time to plan how to proceed. Eventually, a plea bargain may be viewed as the best option, but it’s best not to rush into this type of decision when so much is at stake for the person’s future. Before working on a plea arrangement, a lawyer may be able to find a better way to resolve the charges. Maybe there were some irregularities in the evidence collection that will lead the prosecution to drop the charges altogether.

A Bail Bond Midwest service charges a fee for posting a bond, which is all the customer has to pay. The fee may be a specific percentage of the bail amount. The bond essentially works like cash bail, except in these circumstances, there is no cash to be returned. If the person doesn’t appear for a court date, the bonding company now owes the full bail amount. It will send a licensed bounty hunter in search of the person who skipped town.

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