A Few Tips On Getting An Excellent Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Lawyer

If you are arrested and charged with a crime or you are injured and you plan on suing for damages you must have an attorney to represent you. When you are about to prepare a claim for Social Security disability benefits there is no such need, if you wish to apply independently you can, if you wish to engage a Social Security attorney in Chicago nothing is holding you back from doing so. What needs to be taken into account at this time is the fact that your chances of success are better when you are represented by a seasoned attorney, this is especially true if you made the initial application yourself and now you are facing the appeals process. If you are wise you will engage the professional services of a Social Security attorney and when you do, you may wish to take a few things into account.

   * Professionalism: Thousands of people claim for disability benefits every year, as a result law offices that deal with these clients can be very busy places. Being busy is no excuse for lack of professionalism, you should be looking for a law firm where the attorneys and the staff members are courteous and quite happy to answer your questions and have a reputation for excellent communication with their clients.

   * Promises of success: A Social Security attorney in Chicago cannot guarantee that you will be successful in getting approved for benefits. Any attorney that does promise is acting unethically and should be avoided. What you can and should expect however is an honest assessment of the outcome of your claim based on the evidence at hand.

   * Success rate: As mentioned, a good attorney will make no guarantees but it stands to reason that if the attorney is good, he or she will have a good record of getting benefits for past clients. Don’t hesitate to ask; find out how many cases that go to a hearing are overturned, find out how many clients with a disability similar to yours are approved for benefits.

As the law is very diverse it is important that you put your trust in a Social Security attorney in Chicago that focuses the attention of the practice on nothing but SSDI, SSI and VA benefits.

Getting approval for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult, the wise applicant does not hesitate to hire a Social Security attorney in Chicago to help put together a winning claim. For a free evaluation of your claim you are invited to contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown. 

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